Moth’s 9th Anniversary Locals Beer Dinner

DALLAS – Anniversary event at the Meddlesome Moth of a special local brewers-only beer-pairing dinner. Several owners, brewers and brewery reps in attendance.

Food was impressive, as it always has been at these events (not to mention the beer selection). Moth continues to prove itself the premiere craft beer spot in Dallas.

Welcome beer was Peticolas Golden Opportunity kölsch with Calypso hops.

First: Oyster Aioli Toast with ahi tuna, edamame, celery, esplette and puffed wild rice. Paired with Turning Point $Texas New England-style IPA.

Second: Foie Gras Bologna with huckleberry mayo, brioche and anise pickles. Paired with Denton County Blueberry Fortune milkshake IPA.

Third: Taleggio Ciresa with a radish gremolata and lavosh. Paired with Peticolas Don’t Be Scared American barleywine.

Fourth: Meyer Lemon Sorbet with passion fruit curd and brown butter almonds. Paired with Celestial Newton’s Lager, an unfiltered helles.

Fifth: Texas Antelope Carpaccio and Desert Whitefish* Sausage with Moroccan spices, harissa, hazelnuts, five spice and potato mash. Paired with Oak Cliff Canadian Tuxedo Imperial Stout.

Sixth: Lime Leaf Tiramisu with orange bitters and mascapone. Paired with Community Wit ‘n Wild, an American wild ale.

* Rattlesnake

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