State Fair of Texas

DALLAS – Fair Park on a gorgeous, cool Wednesday afternoon.

1230 Fletcher’s Jalapeño and Cheese Corn Dog

1245 Fried Jambalaya

0100 Texas Fried Hill Country (two green tomatoes with mozzarella between, battered and deep fried, served with honey balsamic vinegar sauce on bed of mixed greens)

0215 Texas Blood (Blood Orange IPA, Texas Ale Project R&D Series 2). Had sample of their Cotton Candy beer, passed on that one.

0300 Fernie’s Hoppin’ John Cake with Jackpot Sauce

Best concept was the Fried Hill Country, something truly restaurant-worthy but too elegant and problematic to eat for Fair fare.

Personal fave was this year’s winner, the Fried Hoppin’ John, just for profesional execution alone. Perfect ring-mold fry in panko, topped with fresh black-eyed peas and rémoulade dipping sauce.

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